Things to safeguard yourself:

Pandemic is spreading in our community stay safe by taking some simple precautions such as:


Don’t forget the good habits, washing your hands properly every now and then.

Bathe everyday, clean your ears and nose in order to eliminate germs including virus.

Cleaning your surrounding is as important as Personal hygiene.

Clean and disinfect surfaces frequently, especially those which are regularly touched by everyone.

Check onto your health, if you feel unwell, report to the doctor.

Healthy proper diet:

Drink plenty of water as it removes all the toxics from our body.

Include green vegetables…

This is what you need to tell yourself everyday!

Sometimes people are struggling silently, without letting their feelings out.

In this busy competitive lives, no one trust each other easily,

we in an attempt to protect ourselves from other’s judgement, society norms, stress and expectations.

We retract our inner voice and soul into the shell bury our voice inside our heart.

Few are lucky to have a friend or partner to let out their feeling without giving a second thought, but many are not.

So if you have the chance to make people happy, just do it.

Maybe your act…


A "Cryptocurrency" is a type of currency which uses digital files as money. Usually, the files are created using the same methods as "Cryptography" (the science of hiding information or kind of coding). .

Few interesting points 🤠

1. bitcoins, where the "b" is not capitalised, refers to the actual currency itself. You could say "I spent 10 bitcoins to purchase this item."

2. Four-year-old CoinSwitch is a global aggregator of cryptocurrency exchanges, and launched its Indian platform CoinSwitch Kuber in June 2020 to simplify crypto investments for Indian retail investors.

3. CoinSwitch Kuber claims it signed up 1…

Tighten Your Hope

In this very competitive world, every minute we feel like a Loser.. yes! You hear it right ▶️
Because of this digital era, maketing has monetize everything.

Everything so easily that we think it as a piece of cake... But actually when we being this journey, we realise that it needs a lot of determination, perseverance and to be patient.

But we start feeling like loser, thinking that we are not capable of this, and everyone else is way more intelligent and capable, with this we loose hope or quit.

But we never discuss our fear with…

Plenty of body shaming is overt,

Even when it comes from a seemingly well-meaning place.

Yes, body shaming is often veiled as a compliment, especially since we live in a society that values weight loss and thinness as something everyone should be striving for.

"Did you lose weight? You look great!"

If you want to impress a girl by commenting on profile picture.

Do not comment "sexy, hot with kissies and heart emojis."

Do not comment at all; if you are gonna do this and do not hit Like Button also.

Girl out there don't like neither need those cheesy…

Credit:fizkes Cheerful positive family

“Happiness lies in sharing what you have, with others.”

As a human if you are capable of earning and fulfilling the need of the other, you should try and think of the needy, who can be the change if there are supported with love, care and finance.

Today I want to talk about the topic Adoption, from both child and mother aspects.

It’s a small initiative with the pure intention to help a child to live a better life. Spreading happiness in the world.

Even today the technology has reached Mars, there are option like surrogacy for the intended parents…

Try to be Constant and follow this most discipline routine, that can do wonders.

Healthy you

Working on this simple yet effective Tip:

1.Cut down on Sugar/Sweets.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. 20 mints Jog everyday (any exercise for weight loss).

4. Dine before 8PM.

5. Sleep on time (minimum 6 hours).

6. Avoid Fried/Junk.

Try to keep a count on the calories, that will help you to eat healthy.

Also keep in mind that, mental health is equally important.

One can do, Yoga, meditation, or follow their hobby to loosen their stress and feel relax.

Self love is must please spare a small amount of time on it.

Written by Salma Shaikh

Like to serve humanity with my piece of writing.

You can follow me on @binderoftales

99% people wake up looking at the phone!


Instagram notification and updates, morning time is the best time to post on Instagram.

Workweek crowd binge on their Instagram from Friday to Sunday or maybe till Monday morning.

Posting their pictures or following the trending content creator, sharing those find relatable.

In any way ‘new normal’ year, many binge on Instagram all the time to get fresh break, motivation or to lighten their mood.

Show your positive side, motivate your audience by using Instagram, Speak out with your relatable content. …

Salma Shaikh

I like to serve humanity with my piece of writing.

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