This is what you need to tell yourself everyday!

Sometimes people are struggling silently, without letting their feelings out.

In this busy competitive lives, no one trust each other easily,

we in an attempt to protect ourselves from other’s judgement, society norms, stress and expectations.

We retract our inner voice and soul into the shell bury our voice inside our heart.

Few are lucky to have a friend or partner to let out their feeling without giving a second thought, but many are not.

So if you have the chance to make people happy, just do it.

Maybe your act of kindness can make their day.

And for those who in person be strong and heal up themselves

You can only do what you can do!

This time will pass, trust universe that this situation will turn out to the best.

It’s Okay to not to be okay!

You can allow yourself to feel however you need to feel.

Be resilient!

Focus on things that are in your control.

Tough time comes, but you show up, you don’t need to try to fix everything.

Humans have the capacity to Heal, Grow and Learn.

Let’s make it happen..🙂

I like to serve humanity with my piece of writing.